See our outreach website Abaco Scientist. Selected recent outreach activities spearheaded by Layman Lab members are listed below with links to additional information.


Guest lecture at a Bahamian high school on fish biology and dissection (30 participants).

Keynote speaker for the Abaco Science Science Fair (~200 participants).

Multiple presentations in North Carolina and The Abacos for Sharks4Kids (300 participants combined) .

Talks to school groups and fishers on Isle a Vache in Haiti. (~250 participants).

Teaching of “Turtle Tuesday” weekly children’s education talks dealing with sea turtle science and conservation, Antigua, West Indies (5-20 participants).

Facilitation of “Turtle Watches” – firsthand hawksbill sea turtle nesting experiences promoting conservation in Antigua, West Indies (~300 participants).

Multiple lectures and one-on-one mentoring opportunities for students in The Bahamas and other Caribbean counties (for example see this post).

Co-developed curriculum for high school students with Khaled Bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation (example post here).

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Science Symposium: “A closer look at a mangrove die-off: A case study from Abaco, The Bahamas” Oral presentation.

Hosted a North Carolina School of Math and Science high school student.

Contributor to Living Oceans Foundation: “Disease in the trees: a scientist searches for the cause of mangrove die-off” (https://www.livingoceansfoundation.org/disease-in-the-trees-mangrove-die-off/).


Development of an educational video about fisheries of Haiti.

Nine talks, including educational poster donations, for schools in Haiti (~200 participants).

Working with fishers of Haiti to augment fisheries through construction of artificial reefs (20 participants).

Sponsored a high school from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics for the fall term.

Interviewed for a shark conservation article in the fall 2016 ‘Abaco Life’ an island magazine.

Invited talks for shark conservation with Friends of the Environment on Great Abaco Island and Green Turtle Cay, The Bahamas (70 participants).

Teaching of education module for sea turtle and marine conservation to GROW summer camp for elementary school students in Antigua, West Indies (~40 participants).

Teaching of “Turtle Tuesday” weekly children’s education talks dealing with sea turtle science and conservation, Antigua, West Indies (5-20 participants).

Facilitation of “Turtle Watch” – firsthand hawksbill sea turtle nesting experiences promoting conservation to locals and tourists in Antigua, West Indies (~300 participants).

Poster presentation at NC State’s Undergraduate Research Symposium (over 500 participants). More information here

Teaching with Shad in the Classroom Project at Wake Forest Middle School, reviewing  fish biology and anatomy with hands-on fish dissections (95 participants) More information here

Shark Outreach on Great Abaco Island with Sharks4Kids  at four public schools with students ages 3-16 (200 participants). More information here

Poster presentation at Abaco Science Alliance Conference (100 participants). More information here and here

Oral Presentations at Abaco Science Alliance Conference (100 participants). More information here and here

Development of lab activities for Island Investigator course for ages 13-16 with Friends of the Environment. More information here

Teen science cafe presentation to high school students (50 participants). More information here.


An extensive fisher-based outreach program in Haiti. We have had community meetings with ~200 participants in total. About 20 people have been directly involved with constructing artificial reefs with us.

Developed an educational poster for students in Haiti, and have presented the poster in classrooms allowing us to directly interact with as many as 200 students.

Co-coordinator of the Annual Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Lionfish Research Symposium (>100 participants).

Project Manager of the Invasive Lionfish Web Portal. More information here

Developed and taught Friends of the Environment summer field course for ages 15-18+ (6 participants). More information here

Project leader for “Drone diaries of the Bahamas” Save Our Seas Foundation projects. More information here

Regular contributor to Johnson Outdoors “Adventure out on the Water” blog. More information here

Guest speaker at NC State’s Student Fisheries Society meeting (30 participants). More information here

Science Judge Volunteer for NC Blue Heron Bowl (75 participants). More information here

Help coordinate and co-sponsored the Central Abaco lionfish derby (50 participants). More information here

Co-sponsor and instructor for the BREEF teaching training workshop on San Salvador (30 participants). More information here

Article in Bahamas Coastal Angler Magazine. More information here

Coordinated and sponsored the Abaco Mangrove Survey citizen science project (40 participants). More information here

Volunteered at the Green Turtle and Marsh Harbour lionfish derbies (90 participants).

Science advisors for Paralax Film on Bahamas Blue TV series. More information here

Five community meetings with Haiti fisherman on Ile a Vache (>200 participants). More information here

Community meeting on seagrass research in Little Harbour community, Abaco (15 participants).