Craig A. Layman (CV as of December)
Associate Professor of Applied Ecology
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Stephanie Buhler
PhD Candidate
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Ryann Rossi
PhD Candidate
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Alex Bogdanoff
PhD Student
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Andrew Maurer
MS Student
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Emilee Wooster

Emilee Wooster
MS Student
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Elisabeth Rrasch

Undergraduate Researchers
In 2015, undergraduates contributed almost 3,000 hours to projects in the Layman Lab. For a summary, click here.

Former Graduate Students and Post-docs

  • Jacob Allgeier, Post-doctoral Researcher
    Jake is a post-doc at the UC Santa Barbara.
  • Carmen Montaña, Post-doctoral Researcher
    Carmen is a research professor and instructor at Sam Houston State University.
  • Sean Giery, Ph.D.
    Sean is a post-doc with Mark Urban at the University of Connecticut.
  • Stephanie Archer, Ph.D.
    Stephanie is now a NSERC post-doc.
  • Elizabeth Stoner, Ph.D.
    Betsy is currently lead scientist at the Loxahatchee River District
  • Zachary Jud, Ph.D.
    Education Director at the Florida Oceanographic Society.
  • Márcio S. Araújo, Post-doctoral Researcher
    Marcio is a faculty member at Universidade Estadual Paulista, Rio Claro, Brazil.
  • Lauren Yeager, Ph.D.
    Lauren is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the National Socio-Economic Research Center.
  • Caroline Peyer, Ph.D.
    Caroline is a Professor of Biology at Strayer University.
  • Vanessa Haley, M.S.
    Vanessa is currently Science Director for the Bahamas National Trust.

Other Collaborators