Food Webs

Food webs, depictions of feeding relationships among organisms in an ecosystem, is one of the centralizing tenets in the field of ecology (see our recent review paper on the history of the field). Our lab approaches the study of food webs from numerous conceptual and empirical perspectives, represented by the range of research endeavors that can viewed on the Publications page.

We are especially interested in directly documenting the feeding roles of organisms within ecosystems using direct diet and stable isotope analysis.  We also seek general patterns in food web structure, providing for conceptual insights that transcend individual ecosystems.

Food web approaches provide insight into some of the most pressing human-driven aspects of environmental change, including invasive species, habitat fragmentation, and fishery declines.

We are also extending our models of food web structure to include the role of fishes as nutrient vectors. This research will frame many of our efforts over the coming months.